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YONG Discussion Message Unwarrantedly Censored By Yahoo Finance

|Includes: Yongye International Inc (YONG)

Below is the exact and complete content of a message that I attempted to post on the Yahoo Finance NIV message board.  Yahoo blocked this message from posting (i.e., censored it) each and every time that I attempted to post it.  This was true even after I removed the text that I have, now, italicized within the message.  I wrote Yahoo twice about unwarrantedly censoring this message.  Less two very minor grammatical corrections that I made (i.e., the addition of a missing “)” and removing an “a” between “have” and “Bachelors”), below the censored message are the exact and complete correspondences between Yahoo and me.  For those of you who know me from the Yahoo Finance message boards for NIV, YONG, and HRBN, please be aware that, if I suddenly stop participating on these message boards, it is because Yahoo terminated my account in a further act of unwarranted censorship.  Also, if you wish to comment on or discuss this situation, we should do it via this vehicle, and not via Yahoo Finance.  Based upon some research I have done, it appears that Yahoo may delete some or all of the messages pertaining to this topic; and I don't want anyone else to have difficulties with Yahoo based upon this specific situation.

Censored message:

"In important ways, YONG’s use of fulvic acid is newer. Fulvic acid has been in use in China and some other countries for hundreds of years; but not, to the extent I can determine, for agriculture. In terms of agriculture, there are research studies going back to at least the 1980’s. In terms of the plant product (which currently represents over 90% of revenues), it doesn’t really matter anyway. China has, to a large extent, duplicated the mistake that the U.S. and some other countries made. They relied on non-organic and/or N-P-K fertilizers and, in so doing, made the food being produced less-and-less nutritious over the years, et cetera. The U.S. ended up doing this very heavily because the U.S. is very big-money-driven, versus a true democracy. It’s a much longer story; but our companies don’t care if the people are malnourished, as long as they are making plenty of money off of the products they are selling, and our government is too disingenuous to do much about it. (The vitamin and mineral supplements that most people take fall far short of addressing the problem, and this is just a way in which our companies can make even more money without doing much public good.)

I may have digressed some in the paragraph above; but the point is that YONG, and other companies that are producing products enabling China to reverse this situation, are emblematic of what should be a new era. Also, previously, fulvic acid products for agriculture were plagued by quality and misapplication issues. Many companies are still producing poor quality products and giving bad advice regarding application amounts, et cetera. YONG, and some other companies, are bucking this trend; and their sales do, and will continue to, reflect this.

I don’t trust the ability of many companies with high margins to maintain them; but I do trust YONG’s ability to maintain its margins for years to come – and, in fact, grow them. Why? The coal mine and distribution rights purchases they made recently will each give them a significant amount of margin improvement, and they have barely tapped the domestic market available to them. They have almost certainly already smacked up against numerous competitors; but almost entirely, if not entirely, their competitors’ products and marketing (including assistance to farmers) aren’t as good.

If no one else on this message board is interested in YONG, it is O.K. with me, of course. I have just been engaging in a good conversation about it with y’all. If someone else is interested, you may want to go to the YONG message board and see the messages I posted earlier today under Technical Viability Of YONG’s Products."

Correspondence from me to Yahoo:

"The URL involved is
This is, simply, the NIV message board.  I can post messages on this
board, but I cannot post the message below.  Also, the blocking of this
message followed an unnatural pattern.  (This is the easiest way I can
say it.  It means, for instance, that it did not follow the pattern it
follows when you accidently type a curse word within the text, or the
like.)  You need to either allow me to post this message or give me a
true and good reason why it was blocked.  If you do not, I will not
simply sit on my hands.  The message is as follows; and, in a country
that supposedly has free speech, there is nothing wrong with it."

Response from Yahoo:

"Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Message Boards.

We have completed our evaluation of your abuse report in accordance with
our Terms of Service, and because of our privacy guidelines, we do not
disclose what, if any, action which may have been taken on a user's

We can tell you that we may, in appropriate circumstances and at our
sole discretion, terminate or take other action on accounts of users who
may have violated our Terms of Service.

You can review the Yahoo! Terms of Service here:

Thank you for taking the time to report abuse on Yahoo!.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Message Boards."

My response to Yahoo:

"This is rather important, so I am going to give you one more chance to get this right.


I have Bachelors and Masters degrees in Communication, and I have reviewed your terms of service.  The message I attempted to post does not violate your terms of service.  You have, simply, violated my right to free speech.  Moreover, everything I attempted to post is, actually, inarguable fact.  It is all so well supported by legitimate statistics, government documents, and other information that there is, actually, not another valid perspective.  The issue is that people have had, and continue to have, inadequate unbiased access to this information.


Regardless of the above, it is not your place to make any judgment on matters such as these.  I did not curse; I did not attempt to sell goods or services via your message board (as I have seen some others do); and I did not attempt to incite violence.


It is extremely important that you do not block messages such as mine.  Although you probably do not recognize it, the quality of our (United States) government, companies, and people have badly deteriorated in recent decades - to the point where we are relatively good at very little.  The only way that we can address this issue is by first recognizing our flaws in earnest and entirety.  Without doing this, we cannot begin to better ourselves.


I strongly advise you to not respond to this email with a canned response.  You should be certain to involve management, at an adequately high level, prior to giving a final response.  I expect you, as I should, to respond to me within 24 hours; but, if you need more time to determine your final response as an organization, I understand.  Just don't take too long."

Yahoo's response to me:

"Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Message Boards.

Yahoo! takes pride in the fact that our communities are an interesting
place to interact, share, learn, and grow. In keeping with this spirit
of community, we may periodically review posted content and remove posts
that violate our Terms of Service (TOS).

Please review the TOS to ensure that your posts are within our community
conduct guidelines. The TOS can be found at:

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Message Boards."

Disclosure: Long NIV, YONG, HRBN