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Stock Analysis Summary For CAT

|Includes: Caterpillar Inc. (CAT)


Analysis summary for CAT (NYSE:CAT)

PE (NYSE:TTM) 9.79x vs the industry average of 14.62, a prices/sales ratio (TTM) of .93x, compared to an Industry Avg. of 1.33x, and an attractive PEG ratio of .70 compared to 1.4 Industry Avg. For the (MRQ), CAT is trading at 3.49x Price/Book, also cheaper than the industry of 3.83x.
CAT Technicals:
A collective view of the following indicators RSI, STO, TQI, Slow Stoch, AVI, looks to me as Bearish/Overbought, and just beginning its trend down to oversold levels.
The next two viewpoints are the MACD and RSI Wilder. The MACD looks bullish, with room to go, and trending north. CAT last peaked after the MACD hit the 4 levels. The RSI Wilder looks bearish, being in its own danger zone playing with that 70 level for a while now.
My opinion, CAT is cheap fundamentally, but Technicals will take control for the short-term in the bearish direction. Would look for levels to come back to its short-term MA's towards the 95 level. Will take a second look there to see if we hold, and re-check its overbought/oversold levels.

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