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Several days ago, there was a Sobel Media Event at the Samsung Experience at Columbus Circle in the AOL- Time Warner building. It was a wonderful event, called “How Wireless and Mobile is Changing Everything”, and it was exclusive too, by invitation only. It is part of a new series called "The Future of Digital Media: NYC Edition" from SobelMedia. This event featured a panel discussion from three experts in the 3G and 4G fields: Ari Zoldan, CEO of Quantum Networks, LLC, Brian Reich, Managing Directoy of little m media, and Robert Raciti, CEO of Raciti Capital Advisors.

The event was hosted in the Samsung store on the third floor, and the first 45 minutes of the event was spent trying out Samsung products. It was great having the event in such a central, convenient location in New York City; it also works out that the store is beautiful and expansive, too, making it an accommodating place for the 75+ attendees.

Brian Reich acted as moderator through the first half of the discussion, directing questions at Ari Zoldan and Robert Raciti. They spoke appropriately without making any controversial statements. The majority of the discussion was devoted to discussing the future of our world with advances in technology. They spoke about how 4G will revolutionize the way we operate and process information.

Summarizing the main points, Mr. Zoldan said, “We are still in the infancy stage [of technology]… as speeds penetrate our technological arena in the development of applications and programs”. Another point that was brought up was the ‘universal right’ of internet access (as was most recently declared in Finland), says Mr. Zoldan, “Wireless access has become a commodity in several countries around the world. The need for faster speeds will be inevitable to support and accomplish innovation.”

Bill Sobel, from SobelMedia said of the event, "SobelMedia has been working with the Mayors Office of Media & Entertainment for the past 3 years on a variety of events. We were pleased to have Ari on the panel with Brian Reich of little m media and Robert Raciti of Raciti Capital Advisors."