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First Half Update - 2014 Stock Selections

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), JPM, MU

Many prominent analysts, brokerage firms etc. like to publish a list of stocks that they call their "best picks" for a given year. I found that to be intriguing and I often track their performance to see how each are faring during the course of the year.

On December 15th 2013, I decided to do the same and make stock selections that I thought had a good chance of performing well during 2014.

All of those selections were documented and for the purposes of this exercise I used the closing price of that date to track their performance.

Keep in mind that just like the other brokerage firms - these selections are made on a certain date (DEC 16th) without the benefit of any chance to wait for a good "price"

Therefore, it acts as a 'handicap" of sorts since there is no opportunity to select "entry" points as an investor would actually want to do. The exercise doesn't allow for selling a "loser" that one might normally contemplate if allowed or perhaps lock in a gain .

All in all its a rather difficult but entertaining challenge....

So far so good, beating the S & P by about 10% --- the laggard is (COH) down a whopping 38% and it definitely has not been the "turnaround " story that I anticipated. However the other selections are doing quite well..

A few have hit their targets already - (NYSE:CXO) (NYSE:PXD) (NYSE:WLL) (NASDAQ:CTRP) & (NYSE:CAM).

I have increased LT targets for the oil names -- CXO to 170 , PXD to 260 , (WLL) to 100 .

For this mid - year update, I have also included the stocks that I have written articles about in 2014 ..

  • (NASDAQ:MU) Jan 25th @ 22.50

and a (MU) update on April 15th

  • (NASDAQ:BBBY) Jan 28th @ $65.05

  • (NYSE:CPA) Feb 25th @ 135.42

  • (NYSE:LAZ) March 9th @ $46.11

  • (NASDAQ:EBAY) March 11th $59.06

  • (NASDAQ:GILD) April 16th $69.70

  • (CAM) APRIL 22nd $56.52

  • (NYSE:AAP) April 30th $116.26

  • (NASDAQ:FFIV) May 13th $105.45

  • (NYSE:LVS) June 22nd $$72.85

Best of Luck to all during the second half of '14