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Aug. 05, 2019 5:29 PM ET
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INDEPENDENT Financial Adviser / Professional Investor- with over 35 years of navigating the Stock market's "fear and greed" cycles that challenge the average investor. Investment strategies that combine Theory, Practice, and Experience to produce Portfolios focused on achieving positive returns. Last year I launched my Marketplace Service, "The SAVVY Investor", and it's been well received with positive reviews. I've been part of the SA family since 2013 and correctly called the bull market for over 8+ years now. 

MORE IMPORTANTLY, I recognized the change to the BEAR MARKET trend in February '22. 

Since then investors that followed my NEW ERA investment strategy have been able to survive and profit in this BEAR market. Winning advice that is well documented, helping investors to avoid the pitfalls and traps that wreak havoc on a portfolio with a focus on Income and Capital Preservation.

I manage the capital of only a handful of families and I see it as my number one job to protect their financial security. They don’t pay me to sell them investment products, beat an index, abandon true investing for mindless diversification or follow the Wall Street lemmings down the primrose path. I manage their money exactly as I manage my own so I don’t take any risk at all unless I strongly believe it is worth taking. I invite you to join the family of satisfied members and join the "SAVVY Investor".


  • Following the macro trends of the stock market significantly increases the odds of success.
  • The public record is well documented. Six plus years of successful market strategy without leaving investors in a state of confusion.

The question now, a deep correction, or new highs ahead ? My year end view was just released to subscribers.

I know quite a few readers follow the progress of my market strategy (Fear and Greed Author) through public articles and my occasional blog posts. 

I wanted to share some news on my  Savvy Investor Marketplace service. An advisory service that shares all of the important stock market analysis within the Savvy member community. Timely, in depth information that simply cannot be displayed in my weekly public articles. I have now added more research information and views from well respected services that are crucial to forming a strategy. 

As many followers realize, anyone providing data that is truly worthwhile has a cost associated with it. Of course the research firms I now employ charge a fee for their service, and rightfully so. As of now, I currently have one of the lowest Marketplace price offerings here on Seeking Alpha.  

After much debate and discussion within the Seeking Alpha community, a change in pricing has been decided upon and will take effect Friday August 16th.

The principal purpose of this change is to preserve the quality, and enhance the service as I deal with providing the best advice to my members. The Monthly membership price point will rise to $38/month. For those who pay for the annual membership upfront ($310 year), the discount amounts to $12 per month.

These changes will NOT apply to current members or those who join BEFORE AUGUST 16th. And once an investor signs up,  they are locked into that rate for life. You will NEVER experience a rate hike. 

My thanks to all of have been following along, commenting in public posts and providing me feedback.

My hope is that the best is yet to come for this unique blend of Savvy Investors. Rise above the "average investor", please consider joining our community.

The Best of Luck 


aka FearandGreed trader

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