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Emerging Markets Are Already Ruling the Day...Soon They may Rule the Night and Everything Else Too!

Clearly, the winds of economic change are at the emerging markets' backs, and spitting in OECD faces. They mock our euthnasic self loathing of all that placed us at the nexus of the blessings of liberty.

The rough and tumble, dog-eat-dog capitalistic initiatives coloring the emerging nations' economic landscape harkens back to the 'good old days' of the world's developed economies; when entrepreneurial endeavourers were rewarded by the market, rather than punished by the state, when profit was a goal for which to strive in earnest, not a dirty word emblazoning the protest sign of a state-dependent handout seeker or worse a guilt-ridden ivy-league indoctrinated trust baby looking to borrow somebody else's axe to grind on the guilt plantation because their hand was never put to a woodenhandle nor a wooden handle ever applied to their backsides.

Look for pullbacks to buy commodity ETF's especially gold such as UGL and particularly SGOL to get exposure to the physical commodity and to gain geographical and political diversification as the assets are assayed and stored in Switzerland.

Repeat after me, TINSTAFL. "There Is NO Such Thing as A Free Lunch!" You can't have air conditioning and vacations at the beach and your electric cars etc. without energy...and that will mean fossil fuels. We will not wean ourselves off of fossil fuel use in our lifetimes and there is no reason to. It is plentiful and the global warming hoax is just a Ponzi scheme. But as long as sheeple desire to be sheared then buy Canadian E&P's, they will drill in the Arctic if we won't. Why not let PEMEX and Petrobras drill in the Gulf if we won't (do you see the trace of a recurrent theme). The "AmeriKant" of Obama disproves evolution everyday by repeated demonstration that the survival gene has either been bred out of us,or has crossed over dropped a codon and mutated into  the "I quit" allele.

Oh, did I say buy agriculture and farmland. MOO, PAGG, MON, DE. Buy agriculture companies from fertilizer, to seed companies, equipment suppliers and vertically intgegrated processors particulalry of protein. How long do you think it will be before the Chinese decide that they can get their protein directly from TSN of SAFM by buying the companies and cutting out the middleman.

How about the time is right for a "Prime Agricultural Land REIT." Who wants to help me grow and thresh that grain?

Disclosure: DE, MOO