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Huitengxile Wind Farm--Inner Mongolia, China

Huitengxile windfarm is located in the area of Wulanchabu city, south of Desheng town, Chahar Right Middle banner, Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. it involves the installation of 95 wind turbines, 30 of which have a capacity of 1,500 kw, and 65 of which have a capacity of 850 kw, providing a total of 100.25 MW. Huitengxile windfarm site has an excellent wind resource which has been measured extensively. The site also benefits from a strong transmission system nearby, as it is close to one of the main power generation bases for the North China Power Grid.

Huitengxile windfarm is expected to generate approximately 59.19 GWh per year which will be sold into the Inner Mongolian Western Grid.

Huitengxile windfarm will assist China in stimulating and accelerating the commercialisation of grid connected renewable energy technologies and markets. It will therefore help reduce GHG emissions versus the high-growth, coal-dominated business-as-usual scenario. Furthermore, Huitengxile windfarm will demonstrate the viability of larger grid connected wind farms which can support improved energy security, improved air quality, alternative sustainable energy futures, improved local livelihoods and sustainable RE industry development.

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