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Xianyang Geothermal Field--Shaanxi, China

Xianyang, located in Shaanxi Province, is under build a ″china geothermal energy city″ currently. The proved reserve of underground thermal water in Xianyang teaches 25 billion cubic metros and the reserve within the planned area of 177 square kilometers is 37.3 billion cubic meters, equivalent to 197billion tons of standard coal ,with a view to develop an economic society and ecological city and to promote industrial development ,Xianyang now has devoted much effort to build a characterized brand and speed up the pace for “china geothermal energy city”.

Geologists maintain that the geothermal energy in Xianyang is featured by large quantity and superior reserve conditions ,the amount and the quality of the thermal water ,can hardly be matched by other places in west china and the whole country ant large ,the fist feature ix the high water temperature ,which reaches 120degree at maximum ;the second is the high pressure which enables a natural flow up to 120metres in height ;and the third is the richness in a variety of minerals such as radon ,sulphur ,lithium and strontium and microelements which are beneficial to human body ,Xianyang started to explore and utilize thermal energy from the early period of 1990s ,now there are 23 geothermal wells used for physical therapy ,bath ,heating and swimming generating good economic and social benefits at present the hearing area powered by can substitute approximately 100.000tons of coal each year and this greatly enhances quality of living conditions ,reduces ,air pollution and improves city environment.

For the last few years ,Xianyang has accelerated the pace for resources survey and promulgated the general plan for development and utilization of geothermal energy ,on may 18th,this year ,in the china –Iceland trade seminar held in Beijing ,the “geothermal energy cooperation agreement ”and the“letter of intent ”were signed by Iceland Reykjavik energy corporation ,bank of Iceland ,Xianyang urban construction investment company and Shaanxi Zhengdi energy corporation ,this project has a total investment of RMB200million yuan 70%of which is the investment from Iceland Enlaikes corporation

After the inspection on work orf developing and utilizing of xianyang geothermal energy ,song ruxiang a member of the standing committee of chinese people’s poitical consuitative conference and the former minister fot ministry of geology and mineral resources ,and shou jiahua ,a member of chinese peoples ‘s ,pllitical consultative conference and the former vice minister of national land &resources ministry ,expressed their support for xianyang to apply for “china geothermal energy city”li shuxiang director of geothermal energy committee and china mining association visited xianyang they commended xianyang for its strength in geothermal resource and acknowledged the effort made by xianyang instandardized development and utilization of geothermal energy.

Currently ,a geothermal energy association has been set up in xianyang and scretary zhangliyong is in charge of “china geothermal energy city”leading group ,the development and utilizaion of geothermal resource has become a measure of great significance to building an economic society and ecological city and to promote industrial development ,five demonstration projects of comprehensive utilizaiton ,including tianyun thermal spring natatorium ,qin ban hotel xianyang municipal no2hospital and east suburban water treatment centre are now under construction ,xianyang is also implementing advance technologies ,such as geothermal wells networking ,auto control and thermal water recharge ,to ensure a sustainable development and ufilization of geothermal resource .

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