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Vuvuzela:The South Africa World Cup special little horn Made in China


June 22, Wang Kechun from Yunnan is in a Zhejiang province Ninghai county toy factory quickly making “Vuvuzela” horns. He can may one American penny from each Vuvuzela he makes.

June 22, workers at a plastic toy factory in Zhejiang province Ninghai county are quickly manufacturing “vuvuzela” horns. These worker’s monthly wages are around 2000 yuan. 

 June 23, a worker in the Zhejiang province Ninghai county Jiying Plastic Manufacturing Plant is manufacturing “vuvuzela” horns. The start of the South Africa World Cup has popularized the long and slender “vuvuzela” horn around the world, with around 90% of them coming from the Yiwu small commodities market. The “little horn” made in China has produced a distinctive sound at the South Africa World Cup.

South Africa, a vuvuzela horn import company is packaging the little horns from China.

June 23, at the Yiwu City small commodities market, a dealer is blowing a “vuvuzela”horn.

June 23, two children at a family workshop in Zhejiang province Ninghai country blowing “vuvuzela” horns. Their mother is in the back making “vuvuzela” horns. 

June 22, appearing through a vuvuzela horn’s opening, Zhejiang province Ninghai county vuvuzela manufacturing company boss Wu Yijun says one long 60 centimeter vuvuzela horn costs about 2 RMB to produce, but the retail price in South Africa can be as high as 54 RMB.

 June 23, a Zhejiang province Ninghai county factory is manufacturing “vuvuzela” horns, to be sold around the world through the Yiwu small commodities market.

South Africa World Cup fans’ distinctive vuvzela horns, a large portion of them coming from China.

June 22, a female worker is making vuvuzela horns in the production department. In front of the plastic injection molding machine, she must produce thousands of semi-finished vuvuzela horns.


June 23, Yiwu Small Commodities Market dealer Wang Chuangxin is showing off various “vuvuzela” horns.

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