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Buyers are nervous?

The spin is nauseating after the last three years. How many times are we going to hear that consumers are “concerned” about the economy as justification for absolute bad numbers?   How many times are we going to see the data manipulated like the ISM number this morning or the GDP number last Friday?   The government, the public companies, the banks and private Federal Reserve sponsored agencies are cooking the books.   They then revise the data down later without any accountability as to their intent or motive. In many cases that give false information without any revisions. It is statistically impossible for them to be this wrong all the time. If your doubting this claim see helicopter Ben’s speech two weeks before the market collapse in September of 2008 when he said we wouldn’t even have a recession. Are you serious? Let’s cut through the BS people are broke, not concerned or nervous or cautious: their tired of being squeezed between less pay, childcare, healthcare, inflation and rising tax burdens. The average working person is going backwards, everything else is a lie. Too all those who refuse to view the empirical data, keep drinking the cool-aide. Please tell me I’m wrong, really I want to hear you say the average working person is doing great, I need another laugh. 
~ M.M.               

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