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Financial crisis on the horizon? Just summon the political will ...

Full of Crap Chart


It is the nature of market analysis and advisory newsletters to make predictions. I am going to make a prediction now ...


Some not-so-modest Congressman will utter the words - "Alright, don't worry, we'll all float on." - as this debt ceiling debate finds a resolution.


Will Congress find a resolution?


Yes. But chances are they won't find the best one (yes, a gutsy prediction, I know!) ...


Across the pond things are just as much a game of Where’s Waldo?

The global economy would suffer? Negative consequences will be felt in all corners of Europe and beyond? An economic crisis as serious as the recession which followed the global credit crash of 2008?

So, either:

A) These guys are right about the severity and can credibly address the problems so as to avoid financial Armageddon.

B) These guys are right about the severity but really are clueless about which of their solutions are going to stick when thrown at the wall.

C) These guys are full of crap and their fear-mongering is simply a means to gaining support in their latest bailout endeavors despite their ineptitude up until this point.

Ok, now let’s poll the audience – which do you believe to be the case? Press A, B, or C on your keypad devices to respond to this poll question:

The results (of this entirely unscientific, completely fabricated poll) are in ..