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Epilogue to TREM '11 -- Developing a Domestic Rare Earth Mining Industry

The purpose of this article is to research and compile information related to the topic of public/private sector initiatives that must be taken in order to establish a rare earth mining industry and related downstream industries in the United States.
 It was inspired by the memory of Thomas Jefferson’s reason and imagination, and by the main reading room of the Library of Congress, pictured below.
 LOC Main Reading Room
The LOC Main Reading Room is encircled by bronze portrait statues paying tribute to great thinkers on various topics. Let’s call them the smartest guys in the room, who were very influential in their fields. This article is intended to serve as a virtual reading room that likewise seeks inspiration from great thinkers, but rather than relying upon statues with plaques known as pendentives, this virtual reading room will draw upon the knowledge of credible experts in fields related to the topic of this article.
Comments posted to this article should therefore include links or references to primary sources of information, and the comments themselves should consist only of brief descriptions of the source material or its author accompanied by a key quote or passage capturing the essence of the main point(s) deemed to be of greatest interest or importance. If it is believed that personal knowledge or interpretations might be helpful, they should be clearly identified as being your own thoughts or opinions, so that the integrity of information compiled in this virtual reading room is preserved to the greatest extent possible.