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Teva boots may be perfect for taking up walking

 Walking is one of the healthiest ways to get fit, the Ramblers has said.

Teva boots may be perfect for taking up walking

Teva boots may be perfect for those who are taking up walking as part of a new year's resolution to get into shape.

Ramblers spokeswoman Maria Castellina noted the activity is one of the best ways of becoming fit, "as it places very low strain on the body compared to other forms of exercise, making it suitable for almost anyone to start".

She noted this can also help prevent the onset of conditions like osteoporosis and heart disease, while reducing the effects of diabetes.

A good pair of walking boost like Teva may also help improve the enjoyment of the activity, as of course will having the right clothing such as waterproofs.

However, as Ms Castellina noted, the activity itself is free, which she suggested is the best thing about it over all.

A study by Wake Forest University in North Carolina recently suggested people who are overweight and take up walking can improve their mobility by up to 20 per cent.

Are you new to walking and looking for advice?