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 Diesel at footasylum
Diesel at footasylum

It's difficult to say for certain whether the edgy rough hewn look that was popular for men's clothing just five years ago is gone forever. As popular designer brands such as Gio Goi and Adidas return to their roots, can Diesel be far behind?
Beginning with the 2007 launch of Diesel Intimates, Diesel clothing, long known for its baggy dark toned jeans for men has taken a softer turn with chic fashions for ladies and slick trainers for men. For Winter 2008, Diesel is heavily promoting their Black Gold line named within the company Soft Power. This line of youth ladies wear is meant to further the transition of the Diesel image from street to street smart. With ladies jumpsuits modeled after Japanese office wear, the entire Soft Power line is hoped to finalize a major Diesel image transition.
Diesel is not Abandoning the Male Youth Market
Even taking into consideration the inroads into chic ladies fashion hoped for by Diesel, the company still intends to cater to their core young male group of loyal customers. The name Diesel remains synonymous with durable high-end denim for men. They have, however, opted to expand the Diesel line for men horizontally with the addition of pre-washed denim shirts that can double as a jacket worn over a Diesel tee. The most obvious change in the Diesel denim line for young men is the addition to the line of lighter blue colored jeans with spectacular individual washes.
Diesel Trainers Start a New Trend in Sneaks
As Diesel Soft Power and Diesel Black Gold are successfully bringing the company a share of the after dark clothing marketplace, a limited but unique line of trainers has also been created. To say that Diesel trainers are unique would be gross understatement. It would be more accurate to say that every style of Diesel trainers is unique, in as much that they vary from slip-ons to lace up, to leather strap. Heel designs also differ substantially with shoes sporting basketball, skateboarding or boat shoe designs.
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