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This means the Diesel range is always fresh and funky and in keeping with the hottest new looks.

Diesel was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied, from the word go Diesel has been a forward thinking brand. Their aim is to steer away from the more generic styles you see from other designers and makes their collection unique to give you a more exclusive, individual look. Although their collection does contain some more traditional, classic designs Diesel are better known for their extravagant, inimitable designs.
The brand flourished over the years but it was in 1985 when Renzo Rosso took over the entire company that it went from strength to strength. In 1988 Wilbert Das became head designer and creative director, he helped the brand to expand. Diesel was originally launched as a clothing company, with particular focus on their denim range, but became so popular the Italian fashion house felt the need to expand and broaden their market and it’s a good job they did, as Diesel sunglasses are the forefront of cutting edge, unique design. They independently create a collection that inspires them and are not led by other designers. Diesel are not a brand that follow, they are the ones who are in control. Due to Diesel being such a sought after brand, they now distribute in 50 Countries world wide, in tens of thousands points of sale, Including The Sunglasses Shop!
The exclusive Diesel range in eye wear ensures exceptional visual quality. As well as being the perfect range of sunglasses for practicality they also are a hot contender as one of the most prestigious and fashionable designer brands around.
Diesel is known for its unique interpretation of futuristic styles, they have an extensive range that boasts male, female and unisex collections. Consequently, their eye-catching eye wear is a fusion of fashion, individuality and lavishness. Their distinctive designs are an amalgamation of vintage glamour and contemporary twists. This means the Diesel range is always fresh and funky and in keeping with the hottest new looks.