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Merger Arbitrage Blog-Part 5

Part 4 was starting to load here is part 5.

Some new recent contributors have added value to this blog which is as I have been told by more than a few people the go-to social network place for merger arb.

The deal pace has slowed lately but there are still many mergers from the second half of 2015 that haven't closed yet. Much to talk about.

To me the key is to stay clear of the landmines. Shire, Pepco, Cleco, SFX to name a few. Nobody is perfect but smart position sizing and getting out of the way when things don't feel right are the right move. By following some smart commentary from some of the smart people who post on this blog one could have avoided SFX and Cleco. It is also possible to play M&A non-directionally. In the case of Cleco my position was a calendar spread bought for 5c that I sold for $1.30 the day after the denial.

Anyway, I am off to Florida for 10 days for some much needed vitamin D. I look forward to catching up on all the messages here when I return!