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Is it Time to buy german banks? CRZBY

This is the time of year to place your bets on your long term goals as far as being an investor.   Being an active participant/stock investor adds to the benefit of learning how to manage and invest money wisely in the stock market for most people.  The precision and skill required to do this comes with practice, practice and more practice.  Picking winning stocks and making timely selections increases the chance of benefiting from the profit margins of great companies. 

Speaking of this brings me to mention Commerzbank, which is located in Frankfurt Germany.  The company has operations in 46 countries which combined with good Equity per share and secure management adds a margin of safety investing here.  Now it seems it is obvious France and Germany will work together to help strengthen the Euro to compete better in the global marketplace.  This fact gives investing in one of the largest and most respected banks in the EuroZone Commerzbank ticker (OTCPK:CRZBY) a pleasant feeling.  (Current price 7.88 target 12-15$ time to target 1-2 years.)