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|Includes: Interphase Corporation (INPH), OIIM, ROYL

2011 has been proving itself as a very profitable year for me and my subscribers who get my REAL TIME TRADE alerts! The trades just keep rolling in. Most know that my core strategy revolves around the “long” biased FOUS4 strategy that ive been mastering for the past 6 years and now explain how i make money with this strategy in the 7.5 hour ON DEMAND DVD SERIES .

In addition to making bank of the Long side. We also have been killing it on the short side! The market has been on a big downslide the past week, but rather than hiding in the corner we’ve been making some awesome trades goin short in this market and cashing in!

Overall I’ve made $55,954 in 2011 so we been making steady gains all year. I like that the market is falling here and letting us capitalize on some of these overbought stocks. Plus we need to see some healthy profit taking so that charts can sell off and form up new chart patterns again in which we can then trade some solid FOUS4 plays.

Anyways… Its Friday. Time to relax, hit the bars, sleep in … etc… See you all Monday! Heres a recap of some of the recent trades. SBGI says i was long for some reason.. same with one of the ROYL trades.. is having some errors. And i also Shorted PDO yesterday for $1,000 gain not verified yet.

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