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Not too bad of a month for February as i banked almost $20 grand  just from trading. Pretty good for a 26 year strapping young lad as myself! Not including what i made in Black Service Stock Pick and FOUS4 DVD sales for the month!

If your new to the site HEAR THIS:

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Trading Profits: I recently started tracking and verifying all my trades on @ the end of September 2010. Since then I’ve profited $116,469.14

Anyways thats cool and all.. So sign up if you want or check out my DVD.. Learn and make money in the market . Its up to you!

So news about the new website. Its gonna be pretty sick ill be working with several different programmers. Im currently working on the layout for the new website as we speak to draft up a mock up version of the layout and then i need to send it off to the wordpress programmers im hiring… Its going to be a much cleaner version than the current sign. And the ease of use will be 10 times better. The current site is a hack job as the membership database is pretty confusing for most since we’re running off the stupid forum that ive been using since 2006 when i started this website. So we’re gonna have a better look and the navigation and ease of use in the site will be 10 times better.

But thats not too exciting. Whats exciting is the new trading app that im getting developed! Well Hopefully! Im still waiting for a proposal back from the guy who developed .. Hes a very solid flex developer that will be developing a trading dashboard for the new site that will have various features from live chat, watch list, trade alert widgets for me and the allstars, just as the base.. Then future plans to add twitter integration so that you can tweet and type a message in chat and it will be sent to both the chat room and to your twitter feed. Ability to upload stock charts and share them with members in chat/twitter. The features are endless that we could have developed. The idea is to have it be custom widget based so you can customize your own dashboard that we develop. We’re just in the very beginning of putting ideas together but hopefully programming and development can start this month. So get ready mother fuckers! The new site is gonna be Sick :)

-Cameron Fous