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|Includes: Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (ABAT), KVPBQ, SSKN

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I had some pretty big calls in the chat room/tweets today of which both are FREE to join. You can register for a free membership to the CHAT ROOM HERE , Or you can follow me on twitter and get my FREE STOCK PICKS HERE .

First up was KV.A as this had a huge sell off today. When stocks make accellerated sell offs, its usually follow by a hard short squeeze. The hard part is calling the bottom. I typically look to add stocks around whole numbers. For instance KV.A i tweeted this.

Stock Pick Chart KV.A : This made a bounce right off the 4 area which lead to a huge rebound and this stock closing @ 5.65.

Then there was ABAT which had a huge drop today apparently all because of some seeking alpha article. This didnt get a huge bounce but i called the bottom @ 2 and was able to make $1200 on my trade off of 2.. I then traded it a few times later but the stock never bounced and ended up losing a few times. So netted a profit on ABAT of +670.

Stock Pick Chart : ABAT never made a huge rebound like KVA but i was able to make a solid trade off the 2 support area. ABAT is up to 2.12 in AH trading. Potential squeeze play tomorrow.

[Wed 09:08] <fousMELA breaking out here peoples+

MELA was another trade that i actually scalped for 30 bucks and left a huge amount of profits on the table haha as i was exhausted so just sold it and took a power nap . As you can see from my shout in the chat room as it was breaking out.. Its actually a great looking FOUS4 Revival pattern but the volume was a little low @ the time and im cautious about buying into my stocks on breakouts with the index’s . Some members were able to make some bank off my call tho.


[Wed 11:06] <CHOPPER> out MELA +300