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|Includes: China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc (SHZ), WWR

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So… ive been killing it on the bounce trade calls lately such as the ABAT , TRID, and HRZ  short squeeze bounce plays and now today my call on DGW! I actually missed out on a huge amount of profits today because of that stupid mother FU$KIN earthquake scare that caused that 100 point dip in the dow jones and made several people panic… Including myself.. Which sucks but i have no regrets.. I made a decision to avoid futher disaster.. And if a tsunami actually would have been produced the market would have dropped another 200 points imo. so i made the decision to lock in the profit early on DGW for $990 @ 3.52 from my entry @ 3.27 .. I tweeted the DGW play as well as shouted it out in my free live chat room.. So you should follow me on twitter @foustockpicks for my free alerts on bounce plays in real time!

Stock Pick : DGW

2 other stock picks : SHZ and URRE

Now these trades really pissed me off.. both get greatly affected by any news of a quake in japan due to its linkage to nuclear power and the destruction earthquakes can cause to power plants. I was long both these this morning prior to the quake scare and got stopped out of both of them for losses when the market tanked in seconds.. Both ended up closing very strong with great looking charts that i bought into. But…. i never ended up buying back in as the whole quake thing kinda screwed up my CHI for the day on these rare/uranium plays! So today was a bit of a rough trading session with that volatility that gave way mid session.

Stock Pick: SCON

This was another great call by me today as it was running pre-breakout and i bought in @ 3.15 … only to look @ my order log minutes later to see that only 200 shares filled LOL! Man this day was really turning out to be a mess! I did end up adding to the position so now avg fill @ 3.31 for 3k shares and this closed up big @ 3.65 in a great looking FOUS4 pattern. So while several opportunities screwed and missed some big gains on DGW .. I still managed to end the day up $1300 .. So no complaints here … Not many 26 years out there i know banking $1300 a day right?

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