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|Includes: Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (ABAT), MDW

We’ve been killin it lately with the Black Service Stock picks that i alert in real time to paying members here @ The Fous4 Patterns continue to prove themselves as HUGE gainers in which can bank on. No wonder the #FOUS4 DVD is the #1 rated trading DVD! Last friday was awesome when i alerted IRE right before it broke out above a dollar and then proceeded to jump an additional 42% in a matter of minutes! I jumped the gun and sold pretty early @ 1.15 and locked in a quick $1800 but many other members were able to get out @ a higher price. Now IRE is trading back down near a buck so it was a good thing that we locked in our gains and moved on.

Another huge winner was VLNC which i alerted long @ .94 and ended up selling this morning on the gap opening strength and locked in $3,346 in profits for my biggest gain of the recent trades.. BOO YAH!

You can see my closed/open trades from the past 2 sessions below. The calculated profit/loss is just shy of $8500.. The realized p/l and p/l daily shown in the top of the image only reflect today’s gains. But looking below it shows my closed trades from Friday as well which all add up to around $8500.

Im still long ABAT which is an awesome revival pattern in play that i think has some solid potential to push upwards of a 1.50 where i wouldn’t mind locking in my profits. HEV is our newest position that i actually picked up this morning on the dollar break but had a big sell off into the close. Its back up to .97 in AH trading so i still think theres a lot of potential for this to push 1 and continue to squeeze higher.

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