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|Includes: Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (ABAT), PRKR

So we here @ have been on a pretty big hot streak the past few weeks from banking $5K ABAT last week to locking in the last $2800 in profits on PRKR this morning, of which i locked in $2000 in addition to that on friday.

Looking @ my trade reports on you can see that in the past 14 days ive banked roughly $20,000 of which are are verified by logging into my broker and importing my trades. In addition to the $2k i locked in today in realized gains im sittin on about $22,000 in profits! Not to shabby eh?


A lot of people who are reading this are probably wondering how the hell am i able to make this much money in such a short amount of time? Its because i have a strategy that works. And thats none other that the FOUS4. If you want to make money in the stock market. You gotta invest in your education first.. Or you will most definitely waste a lot of money trying to figure it out on your own. I in fact got another great review in today on the FOUS4 7.5 hour DVD @investimonials

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25 July 2011

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Apparently only 5-10% of new traders stay in the game, I have not started trading yet but I honestly believe that this resource along with continued learning from books and traders like Fous and Sykes will help me be successful when I do. Basically, there is nothing I could say about this DVD or its contents that you wouldnt find out from reading about the DVD on Fous’ site or the other reviews here, it covers everything from basic fundamental analysis, technical analysis and the psychology of trading. The chances are, if you’re reading this you are trying to decide whether or not you should buy this dvd and the answer is yes. Just get the dvd, its $400 ($300 if you do it soon) and the knowledge here is invaluable. Lets face it, if you are a new trader whats better….start trading with, say, $3000 and probably lose some/all of it or start with $2700 and have a much better chance of turning it into some serious money. If you already are trading then get it anyway, it will most likely make you a better trader.

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how bout them apples eh? In all honesty.. Im not sitting here like some snake oil salesmen trying to sell you some crap product. Like the guy said above.. He hasn’t even started trading yet. But hes on the right path, he bought the DVD FIRST! I would definitely recommend first buying the DVD before signing up for my trade alerts and following me blindly not knowing what the hell your doing. You will have so much more knowledge and understanding of the fous system and what the alerts are all about. Ive been using this strategy since 2006 and have made nearly $200,000 since last September!


With that being said… Im due for some vacay time. I turn 27 august 19th so i try to get out of the country and get my once a year vacation in. Hit Cancun last august and traveled Costa Rica the year before that. So this year im hitting Australia! I actually was just gonna do a vegas trip with some friends but… I was back home in Oregon for a friends wedding and one of my other best friends, who leaves for new zealand today and his traveling for 2 months, convinced me on Saturday night at about 2am to book a trip to Australia and meet him down there. So i said screw it! 30 min later i had the trip booked. I’ll be gone from the 14th-28th of August. Flying into Brisbane out of San Diego, Then travel the coast line starting @ sunshine coast, Gold Coast/surfers paradise for my Birthday, Byron Bay, Then capping the trip off in Sydney!!  SOOOO STOKED!

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