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An Epic Day In The Market: Black Service Up +183% in 09′ and +12% Midway Thru Dec.

2009 continues to be an epic year of profits in the stock market as the opportunities that continue arise are phenomenal. Its an ironic turn around how much opportunity the stock market crash and economic turmoil has created for us as traders.

Despite last years terrible year in the stock market the Black Service portfolio actually made its record year in returns as we posted +130% gain on the year as really only the last 4 months of the year were slow for the portfolio. The first 3/4 of the year was awesome!

Now in 2009 we have done it once again and beat the SHIT out of last years record as we are 1/2 way through the last month of the year. Currently we are sitting on an +183% gain on the year as we swing traded and day traded a vast amount of stocks. This was also done while taking the first 3 months of the year off to ride out the storm in the stock market and focus on other things in life before diving in head first when i felt the market had finally bottomed in late March.

Current Portfolio As of Today:

This brings me to the whole reason why im writing this blog in the first place. To inform you about our Real Time Trade Alerts provided my Me, Cameron Friggin Fous. Black Service has been operating for nearly 2 years and has been in biz since i started this here mo fo website back in April of 2006.

5 Reasons to Join Black Service:

1. Ive got a trading system and strategy that has a consistant track record over the past 4 years which  returns +70-180% annually

2. Not only am I an excellent person to watch trade. I’ve built a phenomenal community… wait.. Id say we are more of a family, over the years. Many of the Black Service crew have been trading with me for 1-4 years and we all contribute and collaborate finding all the best trading opportunities on the regular. In addition to me there are currently 6 All Star Black Service members who are on a Free4Life account due to them proving themselves as awesome traders from my point of view as ive watched them trade over the years and taught them what i know. The All Star crew Fills in the Grey areas that i don’t often fill and do much more.

3. Trade Alert Delivery. The trade alert system caters to all types of traders whether your an active trader who can trade with us in the chat room, to someone who can place a trade @ work, and to those that can trade on the go via their Cell Phone. As our Buy/Sell Alerts are sent via 3 different formats.

-Live Chat
-SMS Text Message

4.Your too damn busy. Don’t waste your time finding and figuring out what stocks to trade. This is what i do for a living. With Black Service i tell you what i’m trading. If you feel like hopping on my bandwagon then by all means! Lets Get it On!

5. Anyone can buy a stock. But they usually have trouble selling and are just too damn greedy to sell when they have gains when they should and are too damn stubborn to take a loss when they should. I take losses and gains all the damn time. And i come out with profits on the opposite end overall. Take out the guess work and make the decision of what you wanna do with your position after you find out what im doing.

6. Wait theirs 6? i though the list said “5″. I know I know. But i figured i should also Mention that December i’m offering a sweet Holiday discount for 3 Month Black service @ just $99 BUX! Compare this to our monthly Plan of $49.99/month.