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Its Official is the #1 Ranked Finance Website out of 285

Its nice to know that after 4 years of hard work on my business here @ ttt that what i’ve built is getting acknowledged as something great and valued among the people who participate. I’ve built a phenomenal community of traders and have nominated 7 who all have been trading with me here @ for 1-5 years each known as the Black Service All Stars . These guys are the back bone of the website, consider me the brain. They offer tons of insight on swing trading and day trading ideas on the regular in the Live Chat Room everyday. So while sometimes i may be out of the office at least some or all of the all star crew are in the chat room sharing solid trading ideas and i have so much appreciation for them.

2009 was a record year as the Black Service portfolio returned a wopping +242% on the year blowing away our previous record year of +130% return that we made in 2008. This was also done with me taking the first couple months of the year off from trading. When i felt the market had finally bottomed in March I dove in head first to the market in April and absolutely killed it all the way into December as Santa brought the heat and gave us our record monthly record return of +34%. I’ve been getting tons and new subscibers and tons of testimonials of success stories from people who have joined the Black Service crew.

Its no wonder why we are the #1 ranked website out of 285 @ investimonials!


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