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EQ Labs, Inc. (Pink Sheets:EQLB), inventor and marketer of the EQ Smart Energy Drink®, is undergoing some significant changes. Three new flavors of the effervescent energy tablet have been developed and introduced; and, the Company is “going green.”

Regarding green packaging, Marvin Cole, EQ Labs, Inc.’s VP of Distribution, commented, “We collaborated with the manufacturers of our packaging to develop individual packets and tubes that are environmentally friendly. Thus, in the near future, all EQ products will be sold in green (biodegradable) packaging. We have always felt some sense of social responsibility, as evidenced by our participation in and sponsorship of charitable events. The green packaging will complement the integrity of the product and convey the message that we are committed to doing our part to promote a healthier environment.”

EQ Smart Energy Drink® (effervescent) tablets already enjoys a presence in several thousand national retail outlets, after only 16 months of operation. During this short period of operation, the company has experienced noteworthy milestones. Additionally, distributor agreements with national convenience store chains like 7-Eleven or Rite Aid/GNC, the increasing demand for EQ is already being met. EQ Labs Inc previously engaged in formal dialogues with other national distributors that resulted in product availability in 80% of the Top-100 convenience stores and three of the Top-5 retail pharmacy chains by the end of 2009. Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, a city that never sleeps, the product is already in demand on the U.S. West Coast, but equal appeal and demand exists on the U.S. East Coast, in places like Miami, Tampa, and Atlanta.

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wbsilogo WebSafety Inc., WBSI.OB

WebSafety, Inc. (OTCBB:WBSI.OB), the leading provider of mobile and Internet safety technologies, takes the intent of distracted driving pledges a step further and helps to enforce state bans with the company’s CellSafety software which prevents the dangerous and often deadly practice of texting-while-driving. CellSafety uses proprietary technology to electronically detect when a car is moving at speeds above 10mph and prohibits the driver’s ability to send or read text and email messages or utilize the phone web browser.

Distracted driving is one of the most serious, life-threatening practices on our nation’s roadways with almost 8,000 crashes related to distracted driving occurring daily in the United States. CellSafety is the only application that works on all four of the major U.S. wireless carriers and works with the Android, Blackberry and Symbian wireless operating systems to ensure that a driver’s eyes are on the road and off their phone. With compatibility on more than 60 smart phones and counting in the United States and three wireless networks in Canada, CellSafety is the most widely available solution to help consumers reduce the temptation to text or perceived need to respond to work-related messages while they are driving.

WebSafety’s suite of services, CellSafety and WebSafetyPC, provide a solution for parents who want to protect their children from unsafe cellular and online behaviors without spying on them. CellSafety alerts parents whenever certain dangerous words and phrases appear in their children’s communication, which protects them from cyber-predators and bullies. The mobile software application also features expanded capabilities that are useful for parents as well as corporate, public sector and government employers to combat the dangerous and often deadly practice of texting- while-driving by locking a phone’s ability to send or read text and email messages or utilize the phone web browser. WebSafetyPC offers the same protection as the mobile technology in order to defend against unlawful Internet behavior such as cyber predators, explicit or degrading messaging and cyber-bullying.

WebSafety, Inc. engages in marketing, selling, and distributing a range of Internet software applications and services for computers and cell phones worldwide. It offers its software applications through the Internet, which allow parents or other caregivers to monitor and be notified of occurrences of predator advances, cyber bullying, and pornography received on childrens computers; and cell phone application restrict text messaging while driving and provide location information to parents using GPS technology.


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