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CBIS, WPNV, GE - Stock Report from Wall Street - WindPower Innovations, Cannabis Science, General Electric

|Includes: General Electric Company (GE)



Cannabis Science Anticipates Marijuana Legalization in most of the United States


Latest Polls Show Legalization Leading 49% in Favor With 41% Opposed; California has a ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana which is anticipated to pass, opening the doors to literally hundreds of medical facilities throughout the state.


Beside California a growing number of states are now pushing to end the prohibition against the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Cannabis Science is a pioneering U.S. biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis products, they are pleased to report that recent polls in California show 49% in favor of the legalization of marijuana with 41% opposed. This percentage is likely to increase due to the recent move by the city of Los Angeles closing roughly 400 medical marijuana dispensaries. With these closures, and an outraged group of patients, Cannabis Science is looking forward to seeing this large community of medical marijuana users demanding their personal rights to use medical marijuana in the upcoming vote for full legalization this November.


Cannabis Science believes, as awareness develops about the medical uses of marijuana it is anticipated that this drug will be more prescribed that any other, its primary activity is a reduction of pain and without the side effects that are related to prescription drugs.


This company is at the forefront of a new area in health practice, and a cutting edge toward a new ally to eliminate the pain and suffering caused by many diseases and their treatments. Cannabis Science is dedicated to the creation of cannabis-based medicines, both with and without psychoactive properties, to treat disease and the symptoms of disease, as well as for general health maintenance.

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wpnv_logo_242x28 WindPower Innovations, Inc., WPNV.PK

WindPower Innovations, Inc. (PINK SHEETS:WPNV), a wind power infrastructure and smart grid solutions company, reported recently the availability of an interview with Chief Technical Officer Ian K. Griffiths conducted by, a virtual IR, marketing, media, and administration center focused on providing companies ongoing support, and, designed to educate traders and investors alike in OTC and Pink sheet companies, aired the interview via a pod cast, on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 at 09:00 am EDT. The interview will be available on Virmmac’s and Stocktalk101’s ( homepage. Mr. Griffiths discussed in detail the unique nature of WindPower Innovations, Inc. and how it sees its role in the evolution of wind energy.

Furthermore, WindPower Innovations also reports talks with Energy Plus, an Alternative Energy Company, regarding distribution of WindPower Innovation’s Permanent Magnet Generator and Grid-Tie Technology throughout Mexico and Central America. Energy Plus distributes alternative energy solutions throughout Mexico and Latin America, and the invitation to expand its palette of offerings, helping to address the requirements of its long standing relationships, represents a strategic marketing opportunity for WindPower Innovations and Energy Plus.

“Many potential markets for wind energy are un-tapped because the technology most widely available requires constant wind speeds at only one to two optimum peaks (+/-5%),” says Ian Griffiths, Chief Technical Officer of WindPower Innovations. “Since it’s a smart technology that can sense variable load demands and adjust power output accordingly, our Permanent Magnet and custom Grid-Tie solutions are ideal for regions that have inconsistent wind supply or power grid challenges, meeting the varying power needs from country to country, small villages, extreme climates and/or areas with developing infrastructure. Constant power can be generated consistently over a very wide band of operation (from 20% TO 125% of rated power).”

WindPower Innovations, Inc., is a wind power infrastructure and smart grid solutions company that is continually working on new innovations for wind turbines, wind energy generation and transmission, in addition to the comprehensive maintenance, repair and re-manufacture of exiting equipment.

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General Electric Company, GE

Renewable Energy Solutions

At GE, they know that renewable energy will be an integral part of the world energy mix throughout the 21st century. GE's commitment is to help their worldwide partners and customers design and implement wind energy solutions for their unique energy needs.

GE is one of the world's leading wind turbine suppliers. With over 13,500 wind turbine installations worldwide comprising more than 218 million operating hours and 127,000 GWh of cGE's knowledge and expertise spans more than two decades. With wind manufacturing and assembly facilities in Germany, Norway, China, Canada and the United States, their current product portfolio includes wind turbines with rated capacities ranging from 1.5 to 4.0 megawatts and support services ranging from development assistance to operation and maintenance.

German wind developer Pro Ventum International is teaming up with GE (NYSE:GE) to build a 90-megawatt wind farm about 250 kilometers northeast of Bangkok.

A memorandum of understanding (NASDAQ:MOU) was signed recently for GE to supply 36 2.5-megawatt wind turbines to the Thep Sathit Wind Farm in the Chaiyaphum province of Thailand. At the same time, GE also is looking into a potential equity investment in the project. It will be the first wind project in Thailand for both Pro Ventum and GE and when operational, could potentially be one of the first wind farms of this scale in Thailand and the greater ASEAN region.

GE is one of the world's leading wind turbine suppliers with over 14,000 wind turbine installations worldwide comprising more than 218 million operating hours and 127,000 GWh of energy produced.

GE is a diversified infrastructure, finance and media company taking on the world’s toughest challenges. From aircraft engines and power generation to financial services, health care solutions and television programming, GE operates in more than 100 countries and employs about 300,000 people worldwide.

For more information, visit the company's website at

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