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Wind Turbine Electricity contract Phillipines

For an investment of $9 million dollars. I would give the investors 1% of the Philippine project.

What does that mean? That is a projected return of $709,560 the first year, $7,095,600 the second year and $14,191,200 each year thereafter for 25 years. Even if we are late in installing, the returns are huge for an investor.

They have to move quickly for this. I want the investment by end of next week. Tell them to check, but they will not find an investment like this anywhere. 9 cents per kwh is big and can make them a bunch of cash as shown above.

The President of the Philippines wants to meet us when we go there and make a national case out of this!

These guys have to be serious and they have to be willing to move.

 If they are looking at investing in wind, there is not a single opportunity out there that can match this. Their timing is perfect.

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