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Wall Street War Games

In The Wall Street Journal, by Carrick Mollenkamp (How a Street Watchdog Got Its Bite), Sept. 15, 2010 ({M&I} pg. C1\14). A little known component of the financial regulation act is about to go live. The Office of Financial Research or OFR will collect and analyze financial data to determine the health of the market. The brainchild of a Penn State professor demonstrates the collaborative efforts of private sector economists, the academia community and government officials. Some financial experts are concerned that private financial information will be made public. Supporters on the other hand contend that the system is vital to help prevent another Wall Street collapse. (John Liechty, Mark Flood, Allan Mednelowitz, Laura Tyson, Jay Dweck, Karl Rowe, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., AIG, Goldman Sacs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, International Business MachinesPresident Obama,

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