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Poverty Reduction on the Backburner

In the Wall Street Journal by Joe Lauria (Global Crisis Slowed U.N. Antipoverty Drive), September 21,2010 ({FP}) pg. A13). The goal of reducing those living in poverty has been pushed back to 2020 by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.  In August 2008, it was estimated that 14 billion people live in extreme poverty; today it’s estimated that over 64 billion are living in extreme poverty.  The blame is the credit crisis and the sharp rise in oil and food prices.  World Bank President Robert Zoelick said, “The triple blow of the food, fuel and financial crisis since 2008 has slowed down and even reversed progress towards the development goals in many countries.” (Robert Zoelick, Dominique Strauss-Kahn) 3.

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