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Comex Dealers Lease Silver From Customers Again

New fresh reports from Comex and another shocker – Comex dealers took another lease on physical silver from Comex customer warehouse.

On September 7th 2010 dealers leased 2,298,863 ounces of silver and as reported yesterday Friday, Sep 17th 2010 – they took another lease for 801,277 ounces of silver on Thursday, Sep 16th 2010.

This means that Comex dealers in just 8 business days took 2 silver leases for total of 3.1 million oz of physical silver.

Really, what’s the point in Comex reporting to have 53.7 million oz of silver when they had to take 2nd lease on physical silver?

Actually, in this same 8 days their warehouse is reporting increase of their silver inventory by 1.9 million oz.

What a load of crap!!!

If Comex dealers have 53.7 million oz of silver…

…why did they lease 3.1M ounces in 8 days from customers?!?

Maybe the truth is that Comex dealers actually…

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