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A Letter To Congress Regarding The Fiscal Cliff

This is a letter that I wrote to my congressional leaders regarding the fiscal cliff. It was also distributed to Speaker Boehner, Leader Pelosi and Leader McConnell.

Today is December 30th and so far our congress of the United States of America has failed to come to terms on a deal to avert the so called "Fiscal Cliff". It appears as though this congress will fail the American people yet again. The fiscal cliff was a mechanism created by the congress in order to raise our debt ceiling and forestall a disastrous default on U.S. Government debt obligations in late 2011. The cliff was designed to inflict so much pain that it would be intolerable and unthinkable for any responsible leader to allow it to occur. Yet here we are, essentially one day from massive tax increases on all Americans and spending cuts so deep that, according to the Congressional Budget Office, we will enter an economic recession in early 2013. These mechanisms will inflict a great deal of harm to all Americans including your constituents. The time has long past to assign blame on any political party. In the eyes of the American people every congressional leader is to blame. Congress must take responsibility and both sides must agree to a compromise. In our everyday jobs there comes a time when we can no longer make excuses - We simply get the job done. That time for congress is now. The American people have lost faith in how congress operates. Our patience is worn thin. I urge you to work through all your disagreements and create a deal to avert this self-inflicted crisis.

Frank J. Constantino