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MNST - ARM 3T Trend Analysis Snapshot (4/12/13)

|Includes: Monster Beverage Corp. (MNST)

ARM 3T Trend Analysis™

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ARM 3T Trend Analysis™ Snapshot

Monster Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ) - Industry: Beverages - Soft Drinks


MNST's most recent ARM Short-Term Trend Buy signal occurred on 02 APR, which coincided with the Medium- and Long-Term Trend Buy Signals (see Buy Arrow). On this day, MNST was trading upward within a bullish neutral trend biases. Moreover, its price action initiated as a technical upgrade since the market close on 20 MAR (see Note 1) with price retracing the bulls stalling for roughly two weeks (see Note 2) before price action indicated their presence. MNST returned to a full technical upgrade on 04 APR (see Note 3), which was another opportunity to buy, and has risen by more than 11% ever since.

There was three opportunities to long (Buy) MNST, solely, per its price activity:

  1. When it became a technical upgrade on 20 MAR
  2. When all three trends coincided on 02 APR
  3. When it returned to a full upgrade on 04 APR

In all three instances, the buy setup would have been at the high of the day. Given this surmounting information, MNST made the investment portfolio despite all confirming and/or nonconforming benchmarking data (i.e., BigChart® Opinion and MSN Money StockScouter® Report)...

I would be remise if I did not mention the Medium-Term Trend Sell Signal that occurred on 01 APR when the bulls stalled. This was an early indication that the bears were trying to takeover and further failed to demonstrate on 02 APR, which is called a fake out.

Albeit, I'm protecting gains with a trailing stop at the Level 1 Support/Resistance Price Zone of $53.34 and the low of the day ($55.05)...

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  1. Fundamental analysis powered by MSN StockScouter® Report
  2. Additional technical analysis powered by BigChart® Opinion

Disclosure: I am long MNST.