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Gold Sells Off To 666 (Plus A Thousand)

The euro is down 0.6% against the dollar, in large part on Mario Draghi's anxiety about the euro-USD ratio, and gold is probably in sympathy down 0.7% against the dollar. The reason for the post is that gold just hit $1666 on the futures board (plus 70 cents).

Will the 'sign of the beast' 666 level (plus one thousand) mark the latest trading bottom of the gold correction/bear market?

Housing prices in the US are accelerating to the upside. When they did so last decade, gold came along for the inflationary ride (so did silver, of course). Is past prologue? Or is gold simply still "too high"? Alternatively, are we really "going Japanese" and due for more price stability, even if it is unwanted by the authorities?

Staying tuned...

Disclosure: I am long GLD, SGOL, PHYS, SLV, PSLV.