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Dividend Growth Investors (DGI) Game (12 Feb 2012)

DGI have plenty of choices - for example David Fish CCC list has more than 400 US companies from various industries. One of the most important aspect of stock selection is to find company with good business model that will pay dividends forever.
As David Van Knapp wrote in 2012 edition of his book
"Clarity of the business model-how the company makes money-is an
absolute must. If you can't understand it, don't invest in it.
Write out the company's Story in a few sentences. Explain it to yourself. This is not the place to be obscure or to use jargon. Don't kid yourself. Be crystal clear in describing what the company does, how it makes money, and whether its business is sustainable in the long term. If you cannot write a coherent Story, the stock is not for you. Companies that cannot be awarded at least 50% credit for their Story are eliminated."

So the game is - each month select and industry and ask SA folks to write " the company's Story in a few sentences" in comments. There is probably no simple one winner in the first level of the game but all particpants hopefully will learn something new about companies.
Second level of game (similar to John Maynard Keynes beaty contest game - to predict which company in given industry SA folks choose for in categories such small, middle and large cap; US and non-US companies, etc....

I hope one of SA activists will run this game. Please let me know if you want to be in charge.