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A New (as Far As I Know) Sociological Bonds Questionary (18 Feb. 2012)

Recent discussions about dividend growth stocks vs. bonds lead me to the following new (as far as I know) sociological questionary proposal.

Let imagine that US Treasure issues new type of unliquid bonds with the following 3 rules
a) investor can buy a bond only from US Treasure at principal;
b) investor cannot sell the bond to anybody in the world;
c) US Treasure repays the same principal after X years.

If you agree to invest in such bond:
How big should be the bond yield if the bond pays interest annualy and
1) X= 30 years,
2) X=50 years,
3) X=100 years

What percentage of your income you would like to see from such bonds interest?

I'd appreciate if you answer these questions and indicate your age group.