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Book Review: "Get Rich With Dividends: A Proven System For Earning Double-Digit Returns" By Marc Lichtenfeld

Book starts from very interesting perspective - you should invest not only for yourself but also to give your kids financial freedom and you don't need to be millioner now to start.
But you have to make 20 years commitment and correctly select quite specific companies that manage to increase dividends they pay to shareholders for decades. Author outlines some of such companies he named Perpetual Dividend Raisers and points readers to well-known in SeekingAlpha David Fish's CCC list for wide spectrum of such companies.
I use more common terms dividend growth investment (DGI) and dividend growth investors (DGi) in this review. Although target book audience is new DGi, experienced DGi can learn useful bits. For example, I consider the original interviews with executives of DG companies quite valuable and knowledge of the authors' 10-11-12 system should benefit many readers.
Probably most important points in book are
1) good advocacy of compounding and usage of free cash flow for payout ratio;

2) small investors can beat professionals with not so liquid stocks from CCC list;

3) small investors can perform DGI themselves and save money avoiding funds fees;

4) good introduction for selection of robust dividend payers.

Negative points:
(Well as a scientific journals referee I have kind of obligation to find that is weak in manuscripts submitted to a journal. It became my habbit, so I did it for the book but these point are really minor)

i) I think graphs should replace (or combine with) tables on compounding in ch 3. - this part is too boring for me. Also more graphs of dividends versus time like fog. 7.3 for companies author uses as examples for DGI might be useful.
ii) I lived quite a long time in a communist country and therefore very sensitive to any propaganda. Few pages in this book (as well as in majority of other popular books on investing) remind me the propaganda, and I would prefer more neutral language although this is definitely not the worse case I have observed. To me a point in Ch. 3 summary "Perpetual Dividend Raisers significantly outperform the market" is rather a red flag. I'd prefer more neutral conclusion like "Perpetual Dividend Raisers outperformed the market recent few decades although survival bias wasn't consider".

Overall I think it is a quite good book on DGI esp. for beginners but even experienced DG investors might find the book useful, read it and keep it on their shelves with other fine books on DGI.
IMO this book can be a nice gift for an inexperienced investor that helps him/her to avoid mistakes many of us made.