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2017 Oil & Gas Industry Review

I am excited to announce the new ModernGraham Industry Review report series! Each month I will be releasing a new report on a different industry, with a plan of covering the twelve industries which have the highest number of companies in the MG Universe. This month, I cover the Oil & Gas Industry, which currently includes 64 companies in the MG Universe.

How to Get this Report

An advanced level premium membership starts at only $13.33/month and gets a bunch more great content, but if you just want to buy the report and miss out on all of the other great premium content on ModernGraham, then click this button:
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What's Inside?
  • Number of Companies that are:
    • Suitable for Defensive Investors
    • Suitable for Enterprising Investors
    • Speculative Companies
    • Undervalued Companies
    • Fairly Valued Companies
    • Overvalued Companies
  • Industry Averages of:
    • PEmg ratio
    • Price / MG Value
    • Dividend Yield
    • Beta
  • Summary Table of all the Oil & Gas Companies in the MG Universe, including:
    • Link to most recent individual valuation
    • Current MG Grade
    • Investor Type
    • MG Value
    • Recent Price
    • Price as a Percent of Value
    • PEmg Ratio
    • Dividend Yield
    • Consecutive Years of Dividend Growth
    • Graham Number
    • Beta
    • Net Current Asset Value (NCAV)
Testimonials About ModernGraham

Beautiful clean posts, great format, well written commentary and straighttorward graphics. Ben, you really have built a great site and resource for value investing.

With so much talk about stocks being overvalued, I'm glad to find someone that helps with the legwork of determining value investments. When the downturn occurs I feel confident ill be better prepared than most. I purchased your March screens and am looking forward to April. Thanks.

Excellent modernizing application of Graham's life work. Thank you!

I just discovered your web site and find it intriguing. I inherited some div stocks 20 yrs ago and just recently decided to reallocate using "Seeking Alpha as " as a tool and discovered a whole different world. And now with MG further frontiers seem to be unfolding. I'm looking forward to spending my mornings with MG and making my investments with sound tried and true, (and profitable) assistance.

Although Canada based, I've just started to dip a toe into
the U.S. market, so, as a novice in that market and Defensive investor, I've found your MG summaries very
useful and illuminating.

History shows that people who save and invest grow and prosper. ModernGraham gives us the knowledge and wisdom to help us invest wisely in order to grow our investments.

Invest with knowledge on your side. ModernGraham provides that.

Before I buy a stock, I always check first to see if MG has evaluated it. Buying within your criteria for a defensive investor, I always feel that at a minimum, I will be able to sleep at night and very possibly earn a handsome gain in the process. Thanks for helping me plot an even course through all the "vicissitudes" and profit from Mr. Market's emotional ups and downs. Keep up the great work!

Since I've been using Modern Graham's recommendations my portfolio is moving into the black! I thoroughly recommend this service as a way to improve buying choices in a volatile market.

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