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Apple vendor OVTI lowers guidance; looks oversold

|Includes: OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (OVTI)

Tim Biggam, TradingBlock  (August 30, 2011, 12:05pm CDT)

Symbol Analyst Target Price Target Date
UVTI 20.00 January 20, 2012

OmniVision Technologies (ticker: OVTI) designs, develops and markets semiconductor image-sensor devices. The company's main products, which it refers to as “CameraChip” image sensors, capture an image electronically and are used in a number of consumer and commercial mass-market applications.

OVTI plunged nearly 50% last week on lowered guidance, leading to enhanced speculation regarding the potential of future order loss from its largest customer, Apple. While OmniVision will no longer be the sole supplier, the share prices, trading below an 8 P/E on a forward basis, reflect an almost complete AAPL business loss. Most analysts look for OVTI to still remain as one of the primary suppliers to Apple, with earnings estimates for 2012 now looking anywhere from $2.00 to $2.45 per share.

OVTI has a book value of $13.67 per share, and with nearly $8.50 in cash per share, OVTI shares are trading at under a 5 P/E ex-cash, again highlighting the comparative cheap valuations now being given to OVTI.

Even assuming the low end of 2.00 per share, and a forward multiple of 10 (well below the historic multiple in the high teens), gives a price target of $20 by January 20, 2012.   

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