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How Search Engines Make Money

 Ever wondered how search engines make money? Even if you see a simple google search page you cannot find how they actually earn from their search engine. Its not really that hard to answer. Search engines have various monetization techniques and they really earn in millions everyday.  Below is a quick review on how they earn money from their search engine and making their business grow bigger and better. 


1. Advertising :
      Search Engines like Google, Yahoo create advertising programs. Website owners pay them to advertise about their websites in other websites increasing the revenue for search engines. Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network are the top advertising networks in listings of search engines advertising programs.

2.Affiliate programs:
      Search engine sell products of the big shopping networks like amazon and ebay through their page. This makes them 40 to 75% of every product sold by them.

      Share market is the big deal of search engines. Investors invest in their market to these search engines and in return on every hype they really earn a big money. 

4. Search Engines listings:
     Website owners promote their website to the search engines to make their website appear in the first page of search engine results. This adds the website owners their product sold and in return the search engine makes money.

     However the search engines make money from their advertising programs and the investors. The best way they actually make money is through their search engine strategy. Search engines like google is more popular than yahoo and other search engines just because they provide a better search engines optimization providing customers the best search results and hence rank higher.

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