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Make Profit Whilst Lady Luck Still Smiling On Pamp Gold!

PAMP Suisse gold bars are one of the top quality investment grade bullion products being produced in Switzerland today.

Manufactured at their refinery in Castel Saint Pietro since 1977, this article will look at why they are popular and how you can profit from them given the huge gold bull market that is currently in play.

PAMP which is an acronym for 'Produits Artistiques de Métaux Précieux' have distinguished themselves by being leaders in decorative gold bars. When translated into English, PAMP means 'Artistic Precious Metal Products' and their bars are a testament to this.

Ordinarily, bullion bars are not decorated but ever since first production, PAMP have literally carved out their own space in the gold refining industry with their engraved gold bars.

A typical 1oz Credit Suisse Gold bar for example will be stamped with purity, weight, bullion content and serial number on one side and the reverse side will be left blank.

On the other hand, a typical PAMP Suisse gold bar will be printed with the same technical information but the reverse side will be emblazoned with an attractive motif of some kind.

Such motifs cover a wide range of imagery from astronomy to botany, historical monuments and an assortment of other themes.

Perhaps the most recognised of PAMP's motif's is the 'Lady Fortuna'. Representing the Ancient Roman personification of 'Fortune', the depiction of a young lady draped in her curling golden locks has captured the heart of many a gold investor and is highly recognized and sought after.

And 'Lady Luck' certainly seems to be smiling on gold. After years of manipulation, gold prices have suddenly started to reassert themselves. Ever since 2001, gold prices have increased year on year except for the brief pullback in all markets during the 2008 Credit Crisis.

5 years ago, a 1oz PAMP Suisse gold bar would have cost around $700. Today that price has skyrocketed to over $1700! With no end in sight, the upside potential in gold is huge and the opportunity to profit with PAMP gold bars is ripe.

PAMP Suisse gold bars have proven to be an excellent way to invest in gold as they are pure 24 karat gold bullion and are recognized as quality bullion products by the world's biggest bullion exchanges and institutions such as the London Bullion Market Association, NYMEX and Swiss National Bank.

They are instantly recognized at bullion dealers and easily traded in 1oz weights and also gram denominations.

If you are thinking about a gold investment, Lady Luck is still smiling on PAMP Suisse gold bars.