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Finding the Right Property

I hear it all the time, from clients looking to buy their first investment property -- "I want to buy this specific home, because the books say it's a good investment."

Now, I don't want to discount the authors of said investment guides; hell, I'm authoring one in the works! However, finding the right property for you is not something that can be revealed in a "How to Invest" book. There are several variables that should be reviewed by a professional, relayed to you, and aligned with your finances/exit strategy/goals.

Are you buying a piece of property to renovate and immediately re-sell (flip) or are you looking to buy a home to rent out and hold long term for rental income (rental)? Are you looking at buying with liquid cash, or do you prefer do utilize private financing? Furthermore, do you need/require/prefer conventional Bank financing?

Knowing what needs must be met for you to succeed with your initial investment is crucial to providing you with the best property for your new portfolio. You want your first investment to be successful, because, after all -- you are in this to make money.

Additional information available for first-time investors at or contact our office directly at 1.813.404.6916 anytime to discuss your needs.

Private financing is available with 20% down; preferred lenders are available for conventional financing; and, all types of management/tenant placement/maintenance services are available so that your first investment is never your last.

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