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Apple's Product Line.

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), GOOG, MSFT

Apple's product pipeline;

1-iPhone : Very Slow. Even the iPhone developers don't upgrade to newest phone. 5S upgrade is not going to help to create another hype. Expect major decline in following quarters.

2-Ipad: Dead. Too pricey and too many competitors including white-trash cheap androids, Amazon Kindles and flooding good quality Windows 8 tablets which sells 20 million copies a month.

3- iMacs: Very Slow. Only some Apple fans might upgrade.

4- iWatch : Nobody is interested. It's like carrying iTouch on your wrist.

5- iTV : More and More competitors are getting into TV market. Margins are low. Cannot create hype. Cannot stick.

iConclusion: iHype is iDead. iThink you should sell before the stock hits $300 or less and goes sideways for couple of years.


Ray Yagubyan