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Orberson & Mills Bury FHTM For Good

Ever since FHTM was shut down by the FTC and three AG's from NC, Kentucky and Illinois, January 2013, a few of the top leaders like Joel McNinch were preaching the wait and see game. Comments found on various blog sites sounded like, "Hang in there. It will be tough but we will get through this. Paul & Tom are fighting for all of us." Websites from ESM Brock Keen popped up all over the place and they thought they could take back Google searches with URL's like and .This small group of representatives led by McNinch promised FHTM would be back, bigger and better than ever. They were excited about FHTM 2.0, as they called it.

They claimed the FTC was illegally harassing FHTM and they stood by the bogus principles of honesty, integrity and love for one another. They claimed the FHTM family was strong and could and more importantly, would, survive this attack by the federal government.

The select few leaders to follow Paul, or shall I say Cheryl Orberson (that is the name they had to use at Zija to prevent Paul from being in contempt of the TRO) included Joel McNinch, JoAnne McMahon, Kevin Mullins, Alexis Adame and Pastor Brown. Joel was heard bragging that he earned the Zija Mercedes in the first 3 days. Will the FTC go after Paul for intentionally using the reps and customers of the defunct FHTM for his own benefit? Time will tell.

The saddest part of this giant fiasco is that many of these folks on his team believed them. They hung in there. They claimed that during the first hearing set for February 7th that FHTM and Paul would be vindicated by the truth that they had done nothing wrong for the past 12 years. A handful of NSM's and ESM's still believed that Orberson was a God and would never be found guilty of any wrong doing. Some of these cult followers actually thought they had done nothing wrong. They truly believed they were helping people. Many had already left. The low hanging fruit was falling off the tree very fast.

During the past few weeks, Cheryl Orberson was leading prayer vigils to save herself and FHTM. This was just a way for Paul and a select few to keep people hanging in there while he tried to save himself from prison.

The vultures were out trying to solicit as many FHTM members for their own MLM's. Solicitations and offers were running rampart all over the social media sites.

By Valentine's Day weekend 2013, the truth surfaces and the real motives become more apparent. The tone has changed radically with the comments on Twitter, Facebook, etc. The blogging stopped.

What will happen to all of those Executive managers that committed to leasing a new Lexus or BMW for four years on the hopes they would continuously qualify for the $800 a month reimbursement from FHTM? Many of them had lost those cars to repossession prior to FHTM being shut down. Now that it's been over a month, and all of these full time clowns have zero income from the FHTM scam. Will the rest of the high end autos be given back to BMW leasing? A better and more interesting question is, "How will these lease defaults and repossessions, effect the long credit rating of those who cannot now, nor could they ever, afford the payments on these toys? So many had an aura of success when it was nothing more than a balloon filled with hot air. The recent action let the air out of these balloons and the permanent harm will be felt for decades to come.

When Paul and his group of new Illinois attorney's asked for a continuance of the February 7th hearing until March 13th it was for one thing and one thing only. It was designed to give him enough time to figure out what he was going to do next in life and to try to negotiate a deal with the FTC lawyers to keep his ass out of prison. Was he negotiating for just himself or did he include Tom Mills and others in the talks?

Orberson & Mills knew, in the back of their minds, that they had been boxed into a corner and regardless of the amount of money they could throw at the situation, it wouldn't get them out of trouble this time. This wasn't like the previous actions of Montana and Texas. They couldn't manipulate and lie their way out of it this time because a receiver had seized everything belonging to Paul, Tom and all of the FHTM related companies.

These gangsters should have heeded the warning signs back in 2010 and made peace with Isaacs, but their giant egos wouldn't allow common sense to guide their actions. Had they bought his toolset, for the $2.5 million in 2010, instead of suing him they wouldn't have lost their multi-million dollar cash cow and probably would have been able to continue operations for many more years? Hindsight is definitely 20/20. Even if they had bought Isaacs out and shelved his social network and webinar system they would be millions ahead of the game and Orberson wouldn't have had his glorious reputation destroyed in the process. FHTM had spent ten times more money on lawyers to save them, than Isaacs had ever wanted for his toolset. Stupidity rules when business common sense isn't part of the equation.

In spite of it all, and in contradiction to the terms of the Temporary Restraining Order prohibiting Paul or Tom for taking advantage of the customer lists of FHTM, they continued to mislead everyone affiliated with FHTM. The very essence of the FTC action continued for Orberson. He continued to plan behind the scenes to find a way to abandon FHTM while searching for a new scam to affiliate himself with. Paul was still just being his arrogant self-centered self as he had been for the past 20 years. No humility, no truth, and no compassion for the hundreds of thousands that had been intentionally hurt or destroyed by his evil corrupt scandalous ways.

How and why did he choose to affiliate with a company that is not a member of the DSA and never made it onto the DSN Global 100 list? Was he, or more likely a family member, not a party to the FTC lawsuit, paid big bucks to come their? Did he once again promise more than he could deliver? After all, he claimed FHTM would be a billion dollar company in 2010 and now it's defunct. Was he making the same ridiculous promises to the owners of Zija? It was mentioned that way in the Joel McNinch team call over the weekend.

#1 FHTM rep, from Excel originally, Ruel Morton had taken his team to Shaklee. The #2 FHTM rep, Todd Rowland, made a startling revelation to the world, on Valentine's Day that he no longer wanted to be associated with the Paul Orberson name any longer. Todd supposedly had made millions with FHTM yet was always broke. He refused to follow Paul and let his family be manipulated by the "King of Crap" any longer. He obviously had enough. The class action lawsuits that ruined his good name, the AG investigations and now the total closure of FHTM had been more than he could mentally bear. Todd didn't just move his team to another MLM to keep his revenues flowing. He blatantly told everyone he had had enough of the Orberson lies and troubles. Where did the other Presidential ambassador's go? Were they done with network marketing? I highly doubt it.

The next day, Friday, another wonderful conference call was held. This time it was the entire Canadian Team. They had all held together and held strong. They were willing to go to the ends of the earth for Paul as long as they continued to believe that Paul was fighting for them. Jordanna Linic opened by saying she was so distraught in what she had been told by Paul Orberson personally the night before she was in tears then and still was. They were angry, confused and stunned by Orberson's latest actions. The shock that Orberson had thrown everyone under the bus by abandoning FHTM was too much for these good people. She claimed that Paul no longer wanted to fight for anyone but himself and that he had, a week earlier, agreed to a deal with the FTC, so he could go to Zija and start again.

This is a bit confusing. In 2009 representatives claimed that Orberson was the Michael Jordan of the network marketing industry. He was an icon that made more money that anyone else had. He was the first guy to make a million a month and did so for 44 consecutive months. If this guy had made so much money in the past, like close to 100 million, why would he have to go to work now? Was Orberson finally as broke as all of the families he had harmed all of these years? Did he have money stashed outside the USA in other family member's names? Was the FTC going to give him back any of his money they had already seized or was he broke and forced to get an MLM job and start from the bottom? What was going to happen to Tom Mills in this fiasco?

It is unlikely that Zija would put Orberson in a position of having to build anything. In all reality they gave him a position at or near the top of their pyramid, because he promised to bring thousands with him who would do most of the dirty work. He was setting up Joe McNinch for failure again and he for glorified egotistical success.

If he brought enough leaders from FHTM that still felt he was worth following, he would quickly become a shining star in Zija, at the expense of many again. The leaders would pound the streets for recruits and the sale of self-consumed, garage qualified, representatives.

What was happening to Jeff Orberson and Tom Mills? No rumbling have been heard about these two since the FTC raid in January. Were they thrown under the bus by Paul too? Were they going to resurface in another deal someday soon or had they turned against Paul to save themselves? How loyal was the Jr. Orberson to his dad and visa-versa?

What happened to their high priced in house general counsel? Was Keith Kuder going to be able to find a job elsewhere in the MLM industry or did the FTC action seal his fate forever? His reputation now supersedes itself. He went from general counsel at ACN to unauthorized (not a Kentucky Bar member) general counsel at FHTM that was closed. How does one put that on a resume when seeking a position with another MLM? The wording will be interesting and his new career even more fascinating.

Orberson finally conceded this past weekend that he buried FHTM a week earlier. He left everyone hanging thinking he was going to win the battle, even though he knew otherwise. He finally begins to call his top leaders informing them that FHTM will no longer be. He tries to recruit those he feels might still be loyal to him and could be beneficial in his fight to make a comeback once again. He has very little luck. Too many individual leaders are fed up. The worst part is that they are still subject to claw-back, from the court appointed receiver, for all of the ill-gotten gains they received during their tenure with Paul. Will the hearing on the 13th of March also be cancelled and a deal entered into the case. What will happen to the battered offices and warehouses of FHTM, Alan Clark Holdings and True Essentials? When will the liquidation begin and how long will it take for the victims of the Orberson scam to see restitution?

The best part of Orberson finally conceding that FHTM is dead is that he can no longer be a parasite to Isaacs, the whistle-blower that became famous by exposing the truth about FHTM and Orberson back in 2010. Once Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is finally closed permanently, either by agreement or court order, the Motion for Breach they filed last year against the settlement agreement must be dropped. A company no longer in business can't pursue Isaacs any longer. A company with no money can't pay a team of high priced attorneys to destroy him any longer. Will Isaacs finally get the opportunity to try and put his life back on track and fully recover from the series of heart issues caused by the stupid FHTM litigation over the past three years? Is the roller-coaster ride finally over for Isaacs?

Even better will be when the receiver allows the release of funds, held by the Arbitrator in escrow, to rightfully go back to Isaacs. After all, these funds weren't earned by affiliation with the FHTM pyramid scheme. They were earned by Isaacs as a result of legal bills incurred when this upstanding Good Samaritan decided to begin a process of truth telling that resulted in Orberson finally relinquishing FHTM to the courts. The battle has been three long years. He deserves closure and certainly the return of monies agreed to in 2011 for legal bills incurred by him. The funds were definitely not ill-gotten gains.

Isaacs has already agreed to stay on and help the receiver recover as much as they can, from the select few, in hopes of refunding as much as possible to the 500,000+ victims that have been run over by FHTM since 2001. This will be the satisfaction and gratification he has wanted since day one.

"My heart and prayers go out to the masses that have been harmed financially, emotionally and mentally by Orberson, Mills, FHTM and their group of hand-picked cronies", say Isaacs.

"I am truly sorry for all of the victims that have been devastated by FHTM over the years. Being the only one, at times, who stood up for all of you wasn't easy, but it was something I thought I needed to do. I only hope everyone appreciates my motivation and one day the thanks will come back to me. I have been ridiculed, lied about, my online reputation has been destroyed and I almost died in 2011 but I never lost sight of my goal to let everyone know the true meaning of what FHTM was doing", he adds.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.