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Bad Luck Friday Possible Buys...

I continue to make a once-a-month contribution to my taxable account. Doing it this way seems to keep the budget under control better.

Okay, here's what I'm looking at for today (buy into two different ones):

AGC - leveraged cef, but has lot's of convertible holdings in it which should help when rates go higher. Monthly pay. Writes some options on it's holdings. At a 14% discount and the nav slowly trends up since the last crash and the market price has dropped like a brick.

The elusive bpop preferred stocks. BPOPO has dropped to where I would be comfortable buying it and BPOPP has finally come back under par. What usually happens to me when I'm thinking about either one is Satan decides to buy on that particular day and drive the price up.

So another option: ETY owned it before and would really like it to be a bit cheaper, so probably my last option.

edit for 1207pm - got AGC and BPOPP under par - would have rather gotten BPOPO but no trading volume today.