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People Everywhere Blowin' A Fuse

Which it's been over a month, but I ran into some financial issues over that time frame that necessitated selling off some things in the taxable account to pay down a rapidly rising credit card balance (emergencies always seem to happen whenever I have a close to zero balance, so I'm interested to see what comes up now since it's Friday the 13th).

Here's a brief rundown:

1. Credit card balance is now back at sub $50

2. I still have enough money in the taxable account for brief emergencies, so I've revamped my future priorities for money allocations - bills, then credit card paid down, 401k to matching limit, then max out Roth contributions, then leftovers to the taxable account. Basically the last two got switched priority wise.

3. I'm still dabbling in the UBS leveraged etns. And in fact held on to them because they had taken such hard price hits whilst selling off cefs and preferreds that had done well price wise and continue to do well a few weeks later after selling.

4. LMLP, which I sold this am, finally was profitable. In the taxable account, where I had the unfortunate timing of initially buying into it in Sept and watching it go down 20% or more during Oct, I ended up with a 5% profit without dividends. I had also bought into it in the Roth a few weeks ago and ended up with a 12% profit on that. The other UBS etns, not so much - most are down in the double digits.

5. I've instituted a self-regulated monetary cap on these boogers - I can double down on them, but their value can never exceed a pre-determined amount of money in each one. If the value in one exceeds that cap, I quit buying it and may sell if the market price exceeds expected dividends to be received in that time frame.

6. I used the proceeds to add to morl in the Roth this am, bought back into ety in the taxable account (one of the etfs that I did not want to sell in the first place) and added just a few shares of vwo in the Roth since it's commission free with Vanguard. VWOB, VNQI, VTI, and BND are other etfs that I'm planning on adding and will rebalance quarterly once I have enough money in them that it makes sense to do so based on a relative strength strategy that's worked well for me since I've been doing it in the 401k.

7. Instead of going whole hog for yield in the taxable account, I'm going to focus more on tax-free or at least tax-advantaged cefs for that account. Meaning more muni-funds and funds like ety which have friendly roc.

8. As long as the Roth tax benefits last, it now makes more sense for me to allocate more to it and take advantage of those benefits in that account with the higher yield - not - tax - friendly funds and preferreds now that my savings are starting to build and the dividends are getting to the point that I'm actually starting to get concerned about taxes on ordinary income.

9. I hate mechanics.