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S&P 500 Futures Buy-Sell Levels


Copper has reached the profit target and is in retracement. Gold is in a new long move up. Silver has also broken to the upside.

Crude came close to the upside target but now looks to be in a retracement move down. Natural Gas is quiet.

The Us 30 year T-Bonds are selling down in  response to the rates rising.

The US Dollar is show steady strength.

S&P 500 Futures_

Monthly - In the move down from the 2662. level. Trade pressures are up but turning down. Volumes closed the month Of March as neutral. The next target down is 2304. A close above the old high of 2883 would confirm a weekly move higher.

Weekly - In the move down from the 2803 short confirmation. Trade pressures are down but turning up into the neutral zone. The next target down is 2569. A close above the 2796 would confirm a daily move higher.

Daily - Flat. Still in the move up from the 2615 long entry level. The move was stopped at the expected resistance levels and the upside 2718 profit target. Trade pressures are up, but turning down. Volumes are now bearish.

A close below 2658 would signal a retracement inside this move up. If so, the next target down is the prior downside target of 2590.

The Navellier Research stock picks are reporting earnings these next weeks and are showing early earnings increases. The Virtual Portfolio of the Top 5 is up about $8000.