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S&P 500 Futures Buy=Sell Levels

|Includes: Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. (ABR), CME, CSWC, DXCM, FTNT, LULU, LW, NSP

Copper while still in the downtrend is moving up to a new long entry price. Gold and silver remain in their respective moves up.

Crude oil is in a new long trade. Natural gas remains in the counter move down.

The US 30 yr Treasuries are now in a move down.

The US Dollar futures are in a new move down also.

S&P 500 Futures_

Monthly - In the move down from the 2726 short confirmation level. Trade pressures are down. Volumes closed the month of December as bearish. The next target down is 2368. A close above 2900 would confirm any weekly move higher.

Weekly - In an retracement up within the longer move down. Trade pressures are down and trending. Volumes are neutral. The next target down is 2240. A close above 2591 would confirm any daily move higher.

Daily - Flat. In the move up from the 2412 level. Trade pressures are up. Volumes are bullish.

Thru the 2566 level and the at the 25x5 MA.

The next target up is 2679.

A close below the 2481 level would signal lower.


Navellier Top 8 - The Navellier Top 5 is now the Navellier Top 8.

The 2018 results were slight above break even. The 2018 portfolio has now been replaced. The new portfolio for 2019 starts fresh at zero with $100,000 virtual cash balance.


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