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|Includes: SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), SLV

The G-20 maintained the status quo. They are not going to play nice but rather keep doing what they have been doing. As predicted, gold tested the 1,350 area and is now staying in the 1,320-1,350 range waiting for the US GDP report and next week's Fed meeting.

Keep an eye on silver. A CFTC commissioner has just made allegations that the silver market has been manipulated. For years some groups have claimed that some of the big bullion banks have been holding down the price of silver by building an enormuous short position on COMEX. The market had become immune to these sorts of claims over the years. However, now the CFTC is "on the case"

At this point, the details of the CFTC's charges have not been released. But they will be soon. Depending on what is contained in these charges, we could see some dramatic moves in the silver market irrespective of what happens with gold.

Stay alert. Once this report is released things could happen very quickly.

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