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Nokia strongly up over the last 30 days

As we see the changes at Nokia take on from the stock has firmed and is up approximately 12% from the low in April.  In an earlier post we speculated that the stock would get a boost prior to the ex-dividend date of May 4.  In NOK's case this date takes on a bit more significance as it is an annual dividend.  As we see them move forward with their MSFT venture in smartphones the story will get more interesting.  Clearly RIMM,AAPL and the GOOG based Android phones are going to continue to erode the once dominant Nokia market share but as the MSFT based Nokia phones emerge in late 2011 or ealry 2012 it may be a more interesting battle.  We look for an entry point in NOK after May 4 to play this name.  Currently Long NOK,INTC